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The Jenny Fibre via Wireless product provides your company with fibre speed connectivity without fibre.

Our wireless network is built to a standard that enables us to provide a dedicated throughput at a set contention ratio (the number of others sharing the Internet feed) at our core.

We can offer this to your business wherever we have a wireless network. 

  • High speed with very low latency.
  • Low or no contention ratio. (The amount of other users sharing the same bandwidth supply as your company).
  • Static public routable IP address included. (you can purchase more IP addresses).
  • Jenny Business SLA.
  • Always fast! Unlike other ISP’s, our service does not slow down after the first two months.
  • “Fastest International Traffic in Democratic Republic of the Congo.”
  • 1 static public routable IP address (more can be purchased)

Why shaping is necessary for an ISP ?


No Shaping

A totally unshaped Internet connection is usually advertised as an advantage but its NOT. If your connection is being abused, the service you want to use online will not necessarily work correctly.  This means your ISP’s network is also not managed optimally.

ISP Blanket Shaping

ISPs with the right equipment try to shape your connection so that you get an overall good Internet experience. This does not work because the provider does not know how you use your Internet. They largely guess what you use it for. For example, if you have a video editing business and your ISP shapes Video Streaming, you will not be able to get the best possible speed out of your Internet.

Jenny Priority Flow

We provide you with a control panel to shape your own Internet for optimal performance.

Here are the default settings and options available for the different services.


Jenny Priority Flow PDF Document


Example Gamer

Simply log into your My-Jenny control panel and tick boxes to change your shaping on your Internet connection.

If you are a gamer and have other people using Netflix and YouTube in your household.
You can select: [x] Gaming High Priority
This will allow games to get first priority on the Internet connection then Netflix and Youtube can use the rest.

Fibre via Wireless Pricing

Platinum Gold
Contention Ratio: 1:1 (100% dedicated) 3:1
20 Mbps $ 7999.00 $ 5999.00
15 Mbps $ 5999.00 $ 4999.00
12 Mbps $ 4799.00 $ 3999.00
10 Mbps $ 3999.00 $ 3499.00
8 Mbps $ 3599.00 $ 2999.00
5 Mbps $ 2499.00 $ 1999.00
4 Mbps $ 1999.00 $ 1599.00
3 Mbps $ 1499.00 $ 1199.00
2 Mbps $ 999.00 $ 799.00
Larger than 20 Mbps To be quoted To be quoted

Upgrading Services

Existing customers can upgrade to these services mid-contract for the same or a higher price.


Equipment and Installation

Setup fee will be quoted and the price will depend on the difficulty of the installation.

* All pricing on this website are : excl. TVA

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